Below is list of selected publications by research area. Download my CV for a complete list of publications.

Adaptation and decision making

Waldman, K.B., Omar, S., Todd, P.M., Evans, T.P., and Attari, S.Z. Decision-making and climate variability among smallholder farmers. Working paper.

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Waldman, K.B., Attari, S.Z., Giroux, S.A., Gower, D., Caylor, K., Evans, T.P. Smallholder decision-making processes for adaptation to climate variability. Under review.

McCord, P.M., Waldman, K.B., Baldwin, E., Dell’Angelo, J., and Evans, T.P. Smallholder adaptation and irrigation water availability: Understanding livelihood strategies within the water-scarce Mount Kenya region. World Development, in Press.


Sustainable behavior and policy

Waldman, K. B. and Richardson, R.B. (2018). Confronting tradeoffs between agricultural ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change in Mali. Ecological Economics (accepted).

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High velocity decisions

Waldman, K.B. Giroux, S.A, Blekking, J.P., Baylis, K., and Evans, T.P. Smallholder food storage dynamics and resilience.

Evans, T.P., Caylor, K., Estes, L., Plale, B., Attari, S.Z., and Waldman, K.B. Rapid monitoring of drought impacts on small-scale farms in Africa through integration of farmer SMS data and environmental sensors. Working paper.

Giroux, S., Kouper, I., Estes, L., Waldman, K.B., and Evans, T.P. High-velocity mobile phone data for research in social-environmental systems: Applications in climate variability and food security in sub-Saharan Africa.